4 Badass Novels by 4 Women to Add to Your Library

What are you reading this month? 4 Badass Novels by 4 Women to Add to Your Reading List

If I’m not working, then I’m reading. Novels I have found, are my happy place, what’s yours? Below are some of the pleasures I have indulged in this month, which I know you will find refreshing. These are the novels to add to your book list!

Flowers in the Attic

I have never known a V.C Andrews book that I have read and not cried. I keep asking myself why somebody(an author) will sit down and write a cry-cry story. The matter with V.C. Andrews is, she doesn’t just write one book, and you will mop your eyes, and it will be over, no. She writes an entire series with 5, 4 books in it.

Flowers in the Attic is an old novel, but it’s still very much relevant as it is gripping. Who said a mother’s love is unconditional? It is supposed to be so, but you see, “the heart of man is desperately wicked”-Jeremiah 17:9, “even if a mother forgets her suckling child, I God will not forget you”-Isiah 49:15(message). The Bible makes it very clear that mothers can seek their welfare and their welfare alone.

An intriguing plot spun around the lives of the Dollanganger family and their four children- the Dresden dolls. Life is all sweet until their father the sole breadwinner dies and their mother, a helpless belle packs her children to the grandparents.

Everything is wrong, the children realize that their grandparents abhor them for abominable reasons and their sweet mother willingly discards them for the prize of grandfather’s fortune.

After losing their baby brother to arsenic poisoning, and their mother without notice relocates with her new beau, these kids have to face the reality that they are orphans. Find out what happens to them.

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Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor

What if you wake up suddenly and you discover your country has been invaded by aliens? Science geeks will be more than excited, longingly looking forward to telling the world, “I told you so.” Religious fanatics would take their madness to the streets “the gods have decided to punish us, the world is about to end!” and our governments will send out a slew of press releases all saying the same thing, “everyone keep calm, we are right on top of the situation” which most times is a lie. They are just as confused as the rest of the people.

The people of Lagos Nigeria didn’t know what was coming to them as they went about, business as usual. It was all happening in Eko; the thieving, raping, boisterous partying, sex hawking, domestic violence, exhausted workers trying to beat the traffic and find their way home, fake pastors robbing from naïve parishioners when a sonic boom shook Lagos to its very foundations.

At the same time Agu, Ada and Anthony collide on the beach. Is this just a coincidence, and what has their meeting got to do with the sonic boom?

When Nigerians see their ancestral Gods like papa Legba the mischievous God of crossroads roaming the earth and aliens walking among men can Nigeria ever be the same again?

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Ibi Zoboi – American Street

The life that 16-year-old Fabiola has come to know changes the moment her Maman, Valerie Toussant is barred from entering America with her daughter. Living with her aunt and cousins, Fabiola glimpses first hand that all that glitters is not Gold. Life with her aunt is not how she dreamed it. Her cousins are dealing with drugs to survive, her aunt is sick, her cousin is dating an abuser. Fabiola is determined to restore her family and reunite with her mother, but three people stand in her way; her love interest Kassim, a police detective and an old man she calls Papa Legba.

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Jojo Moyes – The Girl You Left Behind

Anywhere I see a Jojo Moyes book, I stan. This author has the natural ability to draw out every emotion in every fibre of your being.

The Girl you Left Behind began its narration in the time of the great Adolph Hitler war. The heroine Sophie fell in love with her husband, a struggling artist in Paris. After his enlistment in the army, his painting of her ‘the girl you left behind’, becomes her most treasured possession while she awaits her husband, Edouard’s return from the war.

As grim news continues to reach Sophie about the war and the condition of her husband, Sophie is forced to make a bargain with the German Commandant assigned to her village, and risk the hatred of her own people including family, to follow the blind hope of being reunited with her husband.

Fast forward to a century later in contemporary France. The painting of ‘the girl you left behind’ faces ownership dispute. Now worth over 2, 3 million pounds, Liv Halston a 28-year old widow is ready to go dirty to retain the rights to keep the gift from her late husband. She is led on an interesting journey regarding what happened to the girl in the painting, Sophie.

These are the novels to add to your book list. Which novels did you add to your book list this month?

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