You Must Not Miss By Katrina Leno is Our Sizzling YA Novel Of The Month

Katrina Leno

I think we are all beginning to grasp the horrible effect of divorce on kids. Now, couple that along with dealing with high school drama. You Must Not Miss is the story of how one little girl uses her grief to create a new world for herself where no one can hurt her.

All it takes is one little notebook and her tears to open up the doorway into another world. Magpie’s world turns upside down when she catches her dad in bed with her mother’s sister and the repercussions of that, tears her family apart. Her dad leaves, and her mother drowns herself in drink, her elder sister leaves home to live independently, and Katrina is left to run the home, take care of herself, and her drunk mother and face the horrors of high school alone.

The weight of the responsibilities on her shoulder soon takes its toll and Magpie begins to wish more and more each day that her life is different. Unknown to her, the depths of her grief and the power of her thoughts, slowly opens up a double reality where she can be a girl again, with a complete family. Katrina is content with her own new world until she discovers she has the power to avenge all who had ever hurt her. What she does with this realization is something you will have to read yourself.

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